Thursday, March 7, 2013

Easy DIY Heart Wall Art

I wanted to spruce up my daughter's bedroom plain walls. The DIY heart wall art is a project that you can recycle and decorate at the same time!  The best part it did not cost nothing to make because I had the old wire coat hangers and the scrap fabric. The DIY heart wall art is really easy to make. This is perfect for a little girls room

As you can tell there is a heart fad going on in her room. Can you see the heart garland that I crochet hanging across the window? You can find the Easy Crochet Heart here. This heart theme purely by accident. But I think it fits her well because she wears her heart on her sleeves. Even at the age of 6, her heart keeps getting a boy. I know, she is too young for this. All she wants is for him to be her friend and to quit running from her when she says hi. She just wants to play. This poor girl cried when he completely ignored her. She waited until she was in the car to let loose the tears. It broke my heart to see her this way. I do not remember having this problem at that age. I was too interested in my toys and playing outside.  If this is what I am dealing with at 6 in a half, what is it going to be like in 10 years? I am thinking I am in a world of trouble.....sniffle.

Now on to the DIY Heart Wall Art. As you can see I made three hearts, two pink and one white.

DIY Wall Art
Photo Source: Creative Mess

Using large wire cutter, I cut off the curved hook, this will be the bottom of the heart. Using pliers bend and shape the wire hanger into a heart. It does  not have to be perfect.

I had some scrap fabric that I cut into long stripes that is one inch wide. The pink fabric is cotton and the white is an old lace curtainYou could use any kind of material, such as ribbonburlap, or even yarn. Let your imagination go wild.

I secure one end of the fabric to the crease of the heart with some hot glue and stretch the strand to the outer edge of the heart, again with some hot glue. I kept going until I was satisfied.

You could experiment different ways of using the fabric and create a whole different kind of pattern.
DIY Wall Art
Photo Source: Creative Mess 
I hung it on the wall using small nails. You will notice in the photos how the hearts is not 100% flat which is fine. I think it gives it a nice old look to it. Also a shabby chic look.

My daughter loves her hearts. Now if I can figure out  a way to make her forget about the boy who keeps breaking her heart, I will be satisfied... ; p

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