Thursday, February 28, 2013

Slow Cooker BBQ Cranberry Meatballs

When it comes to cooking, I really dislike it. I am not someone who likes to spend hours in the kitchen. If it is not easy cooking, easy clean up, or easy on the time, I want nothing to do with it. However, I want to eat real food and not something out of a cardboard box. I am sure my family would much rather have real food too.

I found this recipe from the Six Sisters Stuff blog and thought I would give it a try. This was so good and it is easy to do.  It is kid friendly since my six year old ate all of the meatballs. You throw everything in the slow cooker and forget about it for a few hours. I did make some of my own adjustments which I noted in the parentheses.

Slow Cooker BBQ Cranberry Meatballs
Photo Source: Creative Mess

2 Can of 14 oz cranberries jellied sauce 
(I added an extra can of whole cranberries, because I love cranberries)

1 40 ounces of BBQ sauce or 2 20 ounces of BBQ sauce
(I used Sweet Baby Rays, one bottle was regular BBQ and the other was sweet n spicy)

24 ounces of frozen meatballs
(I used the already made pre-cooked beef meatballs from the freezer aisle, however you could make your own or even use turkey rather than beef.)


Put in the frozen meatballs, BBQ sauce, and cranberries sauce in a crock pot. Make sure you stir so that the meatballs are well coated.

Cook 2 - 5 hours on low. 

Serve over rice and a side of vegetable. 
(I used the Success brown rice and it was very good, not to mention easy to make. I served broccoli along with it.)

Serves 8
Makes great left overs for the next day! I think I am going to make some mashed potatoes instead of rice for the left overs. It sounds good.

Slow Cooker BBQ Cranberry Meatballs
Photo Source: Creative Mess

You can find the original recipe here by Six Sisters Stuff.

Also, I just finished doing their freezer meals for the slow cooker to make putting together a meal easy. I made 18 meals, all for around $130! 


Monday, February 25, 2013

Pinterest Monday #3: Cereal Boxes

Reusing & recycling seems to be a popular in the crafting world. For today's Pinterest Monday we are going to focus on cereal boxes. Who knew that cereal boxes would have so many uses!

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To go to each of the projects, you can click on the title and it will take you to the direct site of the rightful owners of the projects.

Cereal Box Storage Bins

Cereal Boxes
Photo source: Urban Nest
This project incorporates fabric along with using the cereal boxes. The directions are easy to read!

Cereal Box Stationary Organizer

Cereal Boxes
Photo source: Katydid and Kid
You could actually save some serious money by making your own office organizer and save some trees buy reusing those cereal boxes! I think my dad would be happy to know that I am!

Recycled Cereal Box Sunburst Mirror

Recycled Cereal Boxes
Photo source: Under The Table and Dreaming
This sunburst mirror is a great idea for some home decor that can save you money and that is always a plus!

Cereal Box Drawer Dividers

Cereal Boxes
Photo source: IHeart Organizing
Another great organizing idea! These are way cuter than having to go to the store and purchase organizer that not fit. These cereal box drawer divider are customizable to fit your needs.

Cereal Box 2013 Planner

Cereal Boxes
Photo source: Live. Eat. Create
The DIY planner is adorable. This site includes the printable for the calender for 2013

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Easy Crochet Heart

I know some of you are sick of seeing hearts now that Valentine's Day is now over. However, I wanted to share this because it really wasn't for Valentine's day. I was experimenting with a easy crochet heart pattern that I found. I made some of my own changes and then turned it into a garland for my daughter's bedroom.

Easy Crochet Heart
Photo Source: Creative Mess

Here is the link to the original pattern, Large Lacy Heart. Also, if you are into looking for some more patterns for crochet, be sure to check out the site. I must warn you, you could spend hours looking because there is so many patterns.

Easy Crochet Heart
Photo Source: Creative Mess
Easy Crochet Heart
Photo Source: Creative Mess
My daughters room is kinda blah. I really wanted to do something to make it girly and colorfull. As you can see outside there is no sun and there is snow. It has been grey for days, really depressing. I am so ready for the warm weather! How about you? So I came up with this cute heart garland. I finished it last night and hung it up while she was sleeping, so that she could wake up to this surprise.

Like I said, I found the original pattern here. Below is what I did with my changes for the easy crochet heart.


hdc = Half double Crochet
dc = Double Crochet
sc = Single Crochet


two colors of worsted yarn: I used Lily Sugar' n Cream Rose Pink and Yellow Sunshine

Crochet Hook 5.50 mm

Color 1

Round 1: Ch-4, join with slip stitch to first Ch to form ring; Ch - 1; [ 3 hdc in ring, Ch - 2 ] 4 times; join with slip stitch to the first hdc. You should have a total of 12 hdc and 4 Ch - 2 spaces

Round 2: [ 9 dc in center hdc of the next 3-hdc group, slip stitch in the Ch - 2 space ] 2 times; sc in next 3 hdc, sc in next Ch - 2 space, sc in next 3 hdc; join with slip stitch to the first hdc. Finish off.

Color 2

Round 3: Right side facing, join color 2 with slip stitch to second sc of second 3 sc group....Note: this confused me. To make it simple it is where the bottom point is. Ch - 3, slip stitch in same sc, [ Ch - 3, skip the next sc, slip stitch in the next sc ] 2 times, [ Ch - 3,  slip stitch in next hdc, Ch - 3 ] 9 times; working over next slip stitch, slip stitch in Ch - 2 space on round 1...Note: this is the dip that gives it shape for the heart. [ Ch - 3, slip stitch in next hdc ] 9 times; Ch - 3, slip stitch in next slip stitch, [ Ch - 3, skip next sc, slip stitch in next sc ] 2 times; Ch - 3; join with slip stitch to first sc. Finish off. Weave the ends.

This is what I did for the garland that I made, you could use any method that suits you best:

I made 2 of these for the ends so there is slack to tie = Ch - 30; turn and sc back; Finish off
I made 3 of these for in between the hearts = Ch - 15; turn and sc back; Finish off
Attach the lines on wrong side of heart.



Monday, February 18, 2013

Pinterest Monday #2: Paper Inspiration

It has been a crazy week and haven't been posting like I wanted to due to unexpected events. Things should start calming down.

On to Monday Pinterest week #2! This week I thought I would share some fun projects that I found on Pinterest that has to do with paper. I love cute paper and fun little projects that can be done with it.

To go to each of the projects, you can click on the title and it will take you to the direct site of the rightful owners of the projects.

Pretty Handmade Envelopes

Pretty Handmand Envelopes
Photo Source: Design & Non-sense
These handmade envelopes are adorable. Making cards to go with these envelopes will for sure delight the person who receives it.

Hydrangea Wreath

Paper Hydrangea Wreath
Photo Source: Copy-Craft
If you are having cabin fever, this hydrangea wreath will give the feeling of spring.  It looks so easy and fun to do. You could use any paper punch to create the wreath.

Butterfly Wall Collage

Paper Butterfly Wall Collage
Photo Source: The Idea Room
This pretty collage of butterflies will sure spruce up any room and make you think spring! I don't know about you, but I am ready for spring. I love the warm weather. Again, you could use any paper punch to create a collage of your liking.

Recycled Paper Flowers

Paper Flowers
Photo Source: How About Orange
These flowers are made from magazines.  Great way to recycle paper.  The cute little flowers can be used as accents to any project.

Pretty Paper Bauble

Paper Bauble
Photo Source: Torie Jayne
I had to share this because of the cute paper even though it is consider Christmas decorations. I am a sucker for pretty papers. In all honesty, you could use these for anything and no one would not even know that it is for Christmas.

See you next week for Monday Pinterest!


Monday, February 11, 2013

Pinterest Monday #1: Cute Valentine Inspirations

Pinterest anyone? I love pinterest. I think I am addicted to it. Wait....I know I am addicted to Pinterest...LOL! Pinterest is my dream land. If I am not careful, I can get lost hours at a time and that would not be too productive, Right?

I have decided that I would start a weekly post on what I find on Pinterest and post my favorites. Since Mondays seem to be the day that most are dragging,  I thought it would be nice to have a Monday to look forward to and be excited about. I know that when I am on Pinterest, I am like that guy you see who gawks at the muscle cars. Yep, that is me drowling all over my!

Lets welcome Mondays to jump start our week with Pinterest Mondays

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Pinterest Mondays #1

Since Valentine's Day is just a few days away, here are some favorite cuties that I found on Pinterest.

To go to each of the projects, you can click on the title and it will take you to the direct site of the rightful owners of the projects.

Stamped With Love

Felt Envelope
Photo source: Clever Charlotte
This is a cute little envelope made out of felt. Perfect for the little ones!

Valentine Emoridery

Photo Source: Living Well Spending Less
This emoridery looks simple and cute for a little Valentine decorating around the home.

DIY Valentine Paper Roll Owls

Paper roll Owls
Photo source: Happy Clippings
My dad would be so happy if I started reusing and recycling. This project you can do just that! Out of toliet paper rolls! Who knew there were more uses for those!

Origami Hearts

Origami Hearts
Photo Source: Paper Source Blog
Here is another project for reusing and recycling. These cute little origami hearts are easy to make!

Valentine Pom Monsters

Valentine Pom Monsters
Photo Source: Create Craft Love
Instead of Cupid, what about these little love monsters!
They are cute and look easy to make. What a great kid activity
These would also make cute Valentine gifts for the class mates.

Burlap Doily Luminaries

Burlap Doily Luminaries
Photo Source: Crafts by Amanda
Here is another one that you can easily recycle those old canning jars for these lovely luminaries.
These are so darling that you could keep them around all the time, not just for Valentine's day.

Valentine Heart Project

Paper hearts
Photo Source: Creative Mess
Here is what I made with my daughter for her 100th day school project. It turned out and she was so happy to play with mommy's craft punch.


Be sure to check back soon! I have been working on some Valentine's Day projects that I will need to post. I can't wait to share!

See you next week for Pinterest Monday!

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Valentine Heart Project

This is actually a school assignment that lead to a Valentine theme.  My 6 year old daughter is in first grade and her class is celebrating 100 days of being in school this week. The assignment is to find or create 100 objects and place them on a board. As part of the learning experience the assignment also required her to count the 100 objects. You will see the photos of the Valentine Heart Project below.

Painted Hearts
Painted watercolor on to the newspaper

Painted Hearts
Heart shaped punches

Painted Hearts
Punched the painted newspaper

Painted Hearts
My little girl loves doing stuff like this

Painted Hearts

She is trying hard not to rip the paper

Painted Hearts
 Removing the delicate heart

Painted Hearts
Glue the hearts onto the board creating the number 100

Close up of the cute little hearts

Painted Hearts

Painted Hearts
Final project! 100 hearts on the board. 
Can you see the number 100?

There is a large number of hearts left over from this project! So I think we are going to make a few more things. Why not, Valentine's Day is just right around the corner! 

This is also a project to do anytime of the year with your little one. It is cheap and easy to do. Not to mention it is great quality time.

By the way, just in case you are wondering. I used some cute digital papers to matte my photos and logo. What do you think? They are from Design House Digital and the pack is called Letter of Love by Sara Schmutz

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Redesign of my blog!

I am so excited that I have finally been able to figure out how to revamp my blog. I wanted something that readers would enjoy. I have found a site that has backgrounds and so many cute things for blogging! The best is FREE! Yes, I said FREE!!!  Perfect for a person like me who is just a beginner to blogging who needs simple and cost efficient. I don't know about you, but I love cuteness and freebies. This site has it. Go ahead and check it out Shabby Blogs.

Blog Elements

This one with the bird is so adorable! You can download it from Shabby Blogs.

Blog Elements

This one I downloaded and changed it up by masking out the bird to place this quote.

Feel free to leave a comment and I hope you enjoy the new design!


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