About Me

My name is Joanne. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am currently in beginning stages of my blog and as you can see it is kind of naked. Please bare with me as I start this blogging journey. I have big plans for the upcoming year.

Here at Creative Mess, I will share projects I am working on, things that inspires me, and general life. As this blog develops, I will try to keep all sorts of people in mind when I am blogging: the crafter, the scrapbooker, the photographer, you name it. I will try to make stuff relate to a diverse group of people that dabbles in all sorts of hobbies, like I do.  

Here is a little bit about me. Do not worry; I will not test you on this... 

I am:
I am an eternal enthusiast about everything and I am always trying harder than before, what some people classify as being utterly stubborn or a perfectionist, but I don’t really care because I am ok with who I am.  

I am a wife and a mother.

I am a photographer.

I am a full time Graphic Design student.

I love:
To give hugs, kisses and say “I love you” to my daughter
To read a great book
To have a cup of tea
To go for walks in the late spring
To dream and imagine
To travel to warm places
To find things that is uniquely different.
To spend hours in a vintage store, hobby store, or a great book store. 

I adore:
The time with my daughter

My friends and family

Old buildings

Great art pieces

Art history


A cute store with a coffee shop and dream of owning one in a tourist city preferably some place warm all year round. 

I can never have enough:
Great books
Pretty Papers
Cute Fabrics
Organizing tools
Great decor
Hot summer days

Being healthy, reading, being outdoors in the warm sun, crafting, art history, photography, sewing, crochet, scrapbooking, stamping, graphic design, travel, camping, biking, hiking,

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