Monday, April 8, 2013

Pinterest Monday #9: Felt

I just finished on being a part of a creative exchange. My partner, Brooke from Covered In Grace blog, sent me a fabulous craft kit to use for some of my craft projects. She sent me felt along with some other items that I can use for the felt projects. I am so excited. So, for Pinterest Monday, we will focus on what can be made from felt.

You can find the post of my felt gift from her over at Covered In Grace and be sure to check out the rest of her blog.

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Here is what I found on Pinterest!

Felt Dahlia

felt flowers
Photo Source:
These felt dahlias are simple and neat looking. I think these would look cute for a little girl's head band.

Felt Hair Accessory

Photo Source: Make It and Love It
Here is another felt tutorials on making felt flowers for babies.

Felt Chapstick Holder Key Fob

Photo Source: Fave Crafts
This is a must have! I always have to have chapstick close by and this felt chapstick holder key fob is perfect!

I can't wait to start making some stuff with my new felt stash! I will share my completed projects soon, so be sure to check back.

See you next week for Monday Pinterest...who knows what I will be finding next on Pinterest.

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Be sure to stop on by to my creative exchange partner Brooke over at Covered In Grace.

You can also see the post Creative Exchange 2013  to view my exchange gift to Brooke.



  1. Hi Joanne,

    You have been featured! Check it out


  2. Popping by from the Anything & Everything Blog Hop! I love the idea of the felt lip gloss holder.

  3. Hey, I am your latest GFC follower from peacoat and plaids blog hop!

    Please return the favour if you have the time :)

  4. That dahlia looks sooo neat! How cute is that?
    Just dropping in doing a little Bloglovin' reading:) Hope you have a great day!

  5. I love this!

    Latest follower!
    Via blog hop by curvygirl blogs

  6. Love it! Very cool chapstick holder...must make one! Jen @ PinkWhen

  7. Congratulations! we've nominated you for a Liebster Award! Have fun!

  8. I've always wanted to do some felt work, I heard it was so easy, but this, my dear, got my juices flowing and I really wanna make the flowers! thanks for sharing! Also congrats on your Liebster Nomination!

  9. Love all your projects, especially the Dahlia's. Great blog...found you from the Adorned from Above blog hop...following you now via Pinterest, GFC and google+
    Would love for you to visit me at

  10. Felt is so fun to work with. I love how cheap it is and that it doesn't fray! Awesome post. :)

  11. Those flowers are pretty--the chapstick holders so practical! Happy Friendship Friday!

  12. hi new follower
    from the blog hop.would love if youd come follow me to
    hugs xo

  13. new follower from the Tuesday link up - I'm a little late - My link up with this blog.

    Cute stuff. I love felt crafts!

  14. I love pinterest, I'll have to catch up with you on it too. Just a new follower and I also nominated you for the Libster Award on my blog, so join in the fun:

    ~ Corey (

  15. This is perfect! I couldn't get the felt headbands to pin properly, but I've got you followed on Google & Networked Blogs now, so hopefully I'll be able to find my way back during a free moment (haha) and make one of these. I have a 4 month old daughter and she would look sooo cute with one of these! Maybe I'll make this a weekend project and then send you a pic with the results!

    I found your blog through the Aloha Friday blog hop by the way! I would love it if you came and took a peek at my site as well!

    (¸.•*´ Alicia ´*•.¸)

  16. Hi,

    New follower via GFC from Let's Get Social Sunday. Love your felt post!


  17. I am loving that chapstick key fob! I've seen crocheted and love those, but I don't crochet, so this felt option is pretty cool.
    I'm already a GFC follower, but now I'm a fb fan of yours from the fb frenzy hop. =0)

  18. Hi Joanne,

    This is Julia from FaveCrafts - thanks so much for featuring our Felt Chapstick Holder Key Fob. We actually just published a free eBook filled with felt crafts that you might enjoy:

    Have a great day!


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