Monday, April 8, 2013

Creative Exchange 2013

I am excited to post that I have participated in my first creative exchange!

What is a Creative Exchange? 

It is a chance to meet new people and exchange creative gifts. You and your partner exchange emails, social media, and what ever else that helps to get to know each other. It is a great way to form friendship from all over.

My creative swap partner is Brooke from Covered in Grace. She has a fabulous blog and pinterest board. Also, she is a consultant for It Works and Scentsy.

I have learned that we have some things in common. We both like photography and to create. We are both mothers and wives. I have also learned that Brooke likes to write.

Intially, my thought would to give her a journal since she likes to write, but I really wanted to do something different and not go for the obvious. That would be too easy, right?

So, for my creative exchange gift, I decided to make some reversible fabric coasters that can be used on any surface. It protects the surface from your drinking glass scratching the table or it absorbs the moisture so that it will not damage the surface. These can be used in any room.

I hope that Brooke will enjoy these cute fabric coasters.

Fabric Coasters
Photo Source: Creative Mess 2013
Fabric Coasters
Photo Source: Creative Mess 2013

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