Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Green Smoothie Challenge

I thought I would share this. It is official, I have signed up to do a 30 - Day Green Smoothie Challenge through Simple Green Smoothies. It starts April 1st. You can get all of the information here.

Why am I doing this, you ask? 

Here are my reasons....

1. I do not eat my fruits and vegetables like I should. This might be a great way for me.

2. I do not like eating plain vegetables.

3. How in the world can you get in 4 - 5 servings fruits and vegetables? Seriously, I tried...

4. I so need to lose weight that I put on. I quit smoking 18 months ago. Get rid of one bad habit, just to pick up another....

5. I need another way to get healthy foods in my 6 year old. Good habits starts young.

6. Need to lose weight...oh wait I already said that.

7. It is easy to do.

8. Fun way of eating healthy.

9. To help balance me out. Acne at 36 is not cool. I never had acne this bad even in my teens!

10. Being healthy means your body is functioning properly.

So why not join this challenge! There is still time...

You can go to Simple Green Smoothies to get more information!

Disclaimer: I am NOT receiving any compensation, gains or kickbacks from Simple Green Smoothie. This is something that I am choosing to do and wanted to share my personal experience with my readers. My opinions are my own.

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