Monday, March 18, 2013

Pinterest Monday #6: Studio Space Ideas

I am in the process of re-organizing my studio or workspace. It is just not working for me. I need something that is clean, organized, and most importantly functional. Right now it has turned into the catch all room for the kitchen, office, storage room and workspace. So as you can imagine, it is not pretty.

Pinterest Monday will be focused on Studio Space Ideas. There are really some awesome ideas out there and I can not wait to make mine. Some of this I will have to wait until we finally move to a place that I know will be long term. Until then I can make stuff that will go with us.

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Here is what I found on Pinterest!

Cute Place To Make Things

Photo Source: Raising Up Rubies
I am in love with this Studio Space. It is welcoming and it creates a place for everyone in the family. I like how she turned the living room into the work space. Who needs a formal living room when you have a family room?

Cabinets To Store The Supplies

Photo Source: Created From Paper
These beauties I know came from Ikea because those cabinets are on my wish list. Originally this was my dining room idea, but now I am thinking it would be perfect for the studio. I am long over due and having Ikea withdrawals. Need to go to Ikea to get my fix!

Work Table In Style

Photo Source: Being Brook
This studio space has a lot of different ideas for re-using furniture by painting them. The corner desk looks really easy to build. She even gives you the link where the plans came from. My favorite is the work table. I love everything about it from the color to its storage.

Small Space Big Ideas

Photo Source: Sew Woodsy
This work space uses the closet to maximize the use of the space. I like the idea of having a U shaped work surface. This way you have plenty of room to work and not far to go to reach for what you need.

Neat Space

Photo Source: French Press Knits
This would be an awesome studio space! It has natural light, plenty of storage, and plenty of room for a sitting area. I love the idea of  having the clutter not showing and it being organized neatly in the cabinets.

See you next week for Monday Pinterest...who knows what I will be finding next on Pinterest.

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