Friday, January 25, 2013

Inspiring lecture to remember

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to listen to a lecture that was done by John Berry who wrote the book “Herman Miller, The Purpose Of Design”. The lecture was great and I learned a wealth of information. The book is a good read too. Even though the company, Herman Miller, is a furniture design company, there is something to be learned as any designer.
The one thing that stuck in my mind that was said during the lecture is, “The purpose of design is to solve problems.”  It made me stop and think that design is more than what most think it is. It is not all about art or about throwing something together and call it good. It is to solve problems regardless of what type of designer you are. This first paragraph in the book, in my opinion, is inspiring and a reminder of what design is really about.
“Design is a noun, a verb, and a problem-solving process. It is art with a purpose. In order to produce solutions, design requires a clear understanding of the conditions, constraints, and opportunities of a particular situation. Good design does not happen in a vacuum. A good designer is able to recognize a need, identify the relevant limitations, and devise a solution.” Berry, J. R. (2009). Herman miller. (2 ed., p. 1). New York, NY: Rizzoli International Publications, INC.
As a graphic design student, I have to remind myself that all designs that are produced, is a process. A problem-solving process for that matter.

Below are some of the designs that you might be familiar with.  I highly recommend that you check out Herman Miller's site, because it has more designs that are fantastic and design stories. Also you can click on the link below the design's photo and it will tell you the design story. Feel free to comment! Enjoy!

Herman Miller
Herman Miller
Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman

Herman Miller
Herman Miller


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  1. I love that Eames chair and ottoman...beautiful!


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