Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2013 Color Trend

I know it has been a week an half since I have posted something. Things are not going as planned which is disappointing, but what are you going to do when life happens, Right? However, the past week color  has been weighing on my mind. As the creative freak that I am, I want to know what is trending for 2013! I am sure some of you must be curious. So here you go... this is what I have found.

According to Pantone.com, Emerald is the color of the year. It is a beautiful color! Also Pantone has the 2013 spring color trend which is vibrant. There is so much that can be done with these colors. Check out the photo below...

2013 Spring Color Trend

What I am most excited about, is the 60's are back! According to the article in Bead Design Studio, this is where a touch of neon comes to play, geometric designs on tops and dresses, and the sweet stripes. The make up and hair trend will even have the vibes of the 60's. I am not sure about having hair parted down the middle, but I love the big and teased hair! The make up will focus on the eyes with cat eyed like liners and some serious eye lashes. Yes! I have an excuse to wear fake eyelashes!!!

Fake Eyelashes

60's Hair

Another thing that you might start to see more of in the jewelry making world, Swarovski Elements has added neon colors to their Crystal Pearl line and has added Astral Pink to the Crystals. It is a nice eye popping color!

Neon Crystal Pearl
Neon Crystal Pearl
Neon Crystal Pearl in Orange, Pink, and Yellow

Neon Crystal Pearl

Crystal Astral PinkCrystal Astral Pink 
Crystal Astral Pink

Crystal Astral Pink

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