Monday, May 6, 2013

Pinterest Monday #13: Mother's Day

With Mother's Day being less than a week away, I thought this post would be a good idea. There are so many ideas on Pinterest that it can get overwhelming. I have made it simple by simply picking out what I think is cute or the best.

This week for Pinterest Monday, I have found some easy creative projects that can be done as Mother's Day gifts.

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Here is what I found on Pinterest!

Canvas Art

Mother's Day
Photo Source Plaid Kids Craft
This is so cute and adorable. If you are an teacher, this would be a great project for the kids to do for their Mother's Day gift. Better yet you could even make this for grandma and change up the wording!

Stamped Coasters

Mother's Day
Photo Source Somewhere In The Middle
You can't go wrong with making coasters and giving it to mom on Mother's Day! Having something to protect the surface of end table is a must.

Custom Desk Pad

Mother's Day
Photo Source A Little Tipsy
Almost every mother has a computer on the desk, especially if you are a blogger! This desk pad also double its duties as a large mouse pad. This is a great gift to give for Mother's Day

Homemade Bath Salts

Mother's Day
Photo Source Everything Etsy
Here is an easy homemade bath salts recipe that is perfect for Mother's Day. Every mom needs to have a time out from her everyday job, why not a nice hot bath.

Mother's Day Printable

Mother's Day
Photo Source Yesterday On Tuesday
You can't give a Mother's Day gift with out a card! Along with the card are some really cute tags that can be used to decorate the package.

There you have it, creative ideas to for Mother's Day.

See you next week for Monday Pinterest...who knows what I will be finding next on Pinterest.

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