Monday, March 25, 2013

Pinterest Monday #7: Ikea Hacks

I am in love with Ikea! They have awesome furniture for small spaces. Most of my stuff is from Ikea and is in need of some upgrades. When I say upgrades, I mean doing something to what I already have, but I could use a trip to Ikea...Wink, Wink. They have some really nice show rooms that is inspirational. I could easily be one of those people you see on the commercial for Ikea where they make themselves at home in the show room. Yes, that could be me...LOL!

Pinterest Monday will be focused on Ikea Hacks. There are really some awesome ideas out there and I can not wait to use them on mine.

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Here is what I found on Pinterest!

Ikea Stenciled Billy Bookcase

Photo Source: Brittnay Makes
This is a great idea to get rid of plain white, just spice it up with stencil. Looks amazing.

Crown Moulding Billy Bookcase

Photo Source: Brittnay Makes
Not only did she do stenciling to the Ikea Billy bookcases, she added the crown moulding to them. The moulding give it a classic look. 

RAST Nightstand

Photo Source: Take The Side Street
This nightstand takes on a new look from what it is when you get it from Ikea. I love it. I just might do this!

File Drawers

Photo Source: Serendipity Refined
Would you believe these boxes is actually an Ikea hack? It is really not antique at all. They are boxes for organizing that had a modern look to them, but then was turned into something classic. Who would have thought of this stuff?

Mudroom Storage

Photo Source: A Charming Nest
This is an awesome Ikea hack. Would you believe this is made from two Hemmnes TV consoles? I could not believe it either until I read this post.

More Ikea Hacks

Photo Source: Everything Etsy
Here is a bonus. This has more Ikea hacks than you could ever imagine.

See you next week for Monday Pinterest...who knows what I will be finding next on Pinterest.

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