Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Recap on The Blog Workshop Online Conference 2013

Here is a recap of what I learned during the conference:

This past weekend, I had a unique opportunity to attend The Blog Workshop Conference online. I was provided a complimentary ticket to this conference in exchange for this recap post. You can view my initial post about the conference HERE. I also participate in The Blog Workshop's affiliate program. However, the views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own. For more information, please feel free to go HERE.

  • Blogging Back To The Basics - I learned about how important it is to plan and take control of your blog, de-clutter your blog, simple ways to Vlogging, and SEO.
  • From Blogger To Bloggerpreneur - I learned how important it is to have a Brand. Learning about bookkeeping basics from tracking income to spending and most importantly tax information. Another important thing I learned is the FTC guidelines and 10 ways to avoid getting sued. 
  • Preparing for Ads & Pitching Sponsors - I learned the importance on how to show value to advertisers and to think as an influencer. 
  • Building Relationships With The Media - Learned how to build a Media Kit and to build a community of followers.
  • Advertising VS Affiliate Marketing - I learned the difference between the two and how to us ads on the blog.
  • Other Ways To Monetize Your Blogging Efforts - Learned how to connect with other influencers and reaching out to Brands. Also the do's and don'ts when working with Brands.

The online conference was 3 days long and it was live. It was the same time each of those days from   6-9:30 pm. There were sessions and even intermission for breaks too. Also, a Q & A session with the speakers! My favorite part, the conference were recorded. So if there was something I missed, I could go on the site and log in to view them.

The conference had some awesome speakers who were very knowledgeable! Thank you to the following:

The Blog Workshop offers more than just conferences. They offer workshops throughout the year.   There will be a workshop that is about Surviving SEO on June 25th from 8-9pm with Dan Morris who is the founder of Letters from Dan. You can go to these workshops for free if you are a paying member of The Blog Workshop. Membership starts at $10/month which is well worth it. Membership includes conferences, workshops, and other resources. Go ahead and check it out by clicking HERE or below on the picture.

So will you join The Blog Workshop to take your blog to the next level?

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